domingo, 16 de março de 2014

Some More News...

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Hulduefni will be on this crazy shit!

About the movie "Interferência".
With the Hulduefni Soundtrack.
We reach high! High to the finals of the contest, but we stayed in top 3, and do not win the movie festival.
But no worries, we have beaten like 40 other movies...
So we have done a great job!


And for the people that like rap / hip-hop, I'm now producing beats, mixing and recording for an new rap project with a friend.

The project is called PGB (Pink Ghetto Boy) and it is like gangsta rap, but with lots of funny and stupid lyrics...

If you like good, if not, it's ok too.
We in 3 days only, are already on TOP 3 of one of the best rap groups in Portugal on Reverbnation, with just one song!!!

If you want to support us, just click...

My producer name here is "Crazy John" just for you to know, hahaha.